How to utilize the Mail application in Windows 10

Setting up an email account

The first occasion when you dispatch Mail, you will be provoked to include at least one email accounts – click Add Account to begin. On account of webmail accounts, things are extremely basic. Select the administration you utilize and enter your email address and secret key when provoked. Utilize the Other Account alternative to include POP and IMAP records, and you’ll be incited to enter server subtleties.

AddinBy default, Mail keeps messages from various records independent – and you can bounce between their inboxes utilizing the menu in the left-hand sheet. You may want to see everything in one spot, be that as it may. To do this, click the Accounts connect to one side and afterward ‘Connection inboxes’ to one side. Select at least two email accounts, enter name for the consolidated inbox and snap the Save button.

Connection your inboxes

Almost certainly, you have more than one email account. One of the advantages of utilizing the Mail application is that you can get to them all in a similar spot, so it bodes well to include more than one record. In the event that you choose to include more sometime in the future, you can tap the Accounts mark to one side hand side of Mail, and afterward click Add account before entering the essential subtleties as before.3.

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